Happy Spring!!


When things start to go wrong in your day, you can be sure there is a Crabbie behind it! Your challenge now is to figure out which Crabbie is the culprit. That way, you know what you have to do to regain control of your day!

CrabbieMasters Jay & Kay standing with the Eight Crabbies

Over the years I have discovered that being a CrabbieMaster is fun for me because it is sort of a game of whodunit! You may have seen our social media posts that we have been calling – Guess the Crabbie.

There are often multiple Crabbies at work in one of those days when things take a turn for the worst. What I have found to be key is to be able to quickly assess the situation, figure out which Crabbie has sneaked in, and deal with it! The Crabbies may be imaginary, but what they represent is very real.

The first thing I do is run down the list of the primary Crabbies:

Image of Too-Tired Crabbie   Too-Tired: is too little sleep the issue? Also, I know that it is often about sleep patterns, not simply how much sleep someone had last night. Too-Tired is tricky because you may not see the impact from just one night of too little sleep. For example, issues often come up on Tuesday, as the delayed result of a busy weekend.

Image of Hungry   Hungry: what time of day is it? Have we waited too long to eat? Or did we eat too little at our last meal? If Too-Tired was involved, were we too tired to eat enough?

Image of Junk-Food   Junk-Food: what did we eat? Remember, sugar does not give us the same long-lasting energy that protein and complex carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables do.

Image of Achy   Achy: a quick touch of the forehead can tell you if someone has an obvious fever. Is it allergy season, or cold season? If Achy is at work, everything is going to seem harder, and this opens the door for all the Crabbies.

The secondary Crabbies are called secondary because generally speaking, they have less power if they are working alone. The real trouble comes if one of the primary Crabbies is also at play. The tricky part is that what we notice primarily is that someone is crying and saying, “I can’t do this.” Or, “I don’t want to play with you!” or “I don’t want to clean up my toys!” Although these are obvious indicators of Can’t-Do, Get-Along and Hurry-Up, what is often the underlying, less obvious case is that more often than not, there is also a primary Crabbie at play. The reality is that you can spend all day battling the secondary Crabbies with no real results if one of the primary Crabbies is behind it and you don’t address the primary Crabbie! I will repeat. If there is a primary Crabbie involved, you must recognize that and put your focus on getting that Crabbie in line before expecting any results on getting rid of secondary Crabbies!

In future posts I will be sharing more detailed info on the nature of each of the eight Crabbies and what we have learned about beating them.


Take Charge and Make It a Great Day!

Becky  :)