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About Us

Becky Undlin / M.Ed.

Becky has over 40 years of experience working with children and parents. Since 1980, she has operated a private in-home preschool with a reputation for excellence in the community. She attributes much of her success and satisfaction to the CrabbieMasters Program she created in the late 1980’s. She delights in watching children develop confidence, good attitudes, strong relationships with their parents and peers, and readiness for school.

Before starting her own school, Becky earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and then worked as a math and reading teacher. She departed from the public school system to work with younger children. At that time, she had a strong desire for more freedom to implement her own curriculum in a setting where she could continue to focus on education with heightened emphasis on helping children develop positive emotional adjustment.

Over the years, parents and elementary school teachers of the children from Becky’s Preschool have frequently commented on their appreciation for the results of her program. This led her to pursue a master’s in Family Education at the University of Minnesota to facilitate sharing her methods with others. Because of her love for working with children daily, she continues to operate Becky’s Preschool. Other activities have included parent education, community outreach on parenting skills, ECFE class offerings, CrabbieMasters summer camp, parenting groups, and parent consultation.

In addition to her master's in Family Education, Becky holds licenses in the State of Minnesota in both elementary education and parent education. She is a member of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR).

Contact Becky for personalized parenting consultation and the use of CrabbieMasters in your home.

Michael Undlin

Anyone who knows Becky knows teaching kids is more than a job – it’s her passion. Mike still remembers her excitement when she first told him, now about 30 years ago, how great her days had been ever since she and the kids had learned to “Beat the Crabbies!” Shortly after that, Mike made it his mission to help her develop the concept for use in preschool. Over time, he realized Becky needed to take CrabbieMasters beyond her classroom. With his encouragement, Becky led the way as they drafted scripts.

Mike found great professional help for illustration and editing while managing the details related to putting together the book series. Of all the positions he’s held, from summers driving farm equipment to corporate sales and marketing roles, his favorite title is “Assistant to the CrabbieMaster.”

Andrea Undlin / LMFT

Andrea was a preschool student during the early years when Becky was launching the CrabbieMasters idea in her own school. Andrea is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and one of her passions is working with caregivers and their children. She has a firm belief that the well-being of children starts with secure caregiver-child relationship. Andrea believes CrabbieMasters is an excellent tool and concept to support a fun, healthy, and effective way for caregivers and children to join and promote a healthy and balanced well-being, both physically and emotionally.

Erik Lervold

Erik is the illustrator of the CrabbieMasters books. He has the fun job of drawing and painting all day, taking characters from his sketchbook to final drawing and inking.