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Why CrabbieMasters Works

“We know what they like. We just don’t do it!
We know what they don’t like. We get right to it!” 


The CrabbieMasters book series provides parents with a new approach to teaching young children how to manage their attitudes, behaviors, and emotions. It transforms everyday emotional and behavioral challenges into fictional characters and places them inside an engaging and relatable narrative.

The books include “The Crabbies,” eight fictional characters that represent the most common struggles in young children, and “The CrabbieMasters,” the children who must learn to keep the Crabbies from ruining their day. 

Over our three decades of parenting and professional preschooling, we have found that it is valuable and effective to make a subtle shift in how we think about “crabbiness.” Rather than getting upset with our child and saying, “Boy, you sure are crabby today,” externalizing the problem onto "The Crabbies" in a fun, creative, and supportive way, empowers them to make choices that will improve their mood and behavior.

This powerful shift in thinking and communication: 

  • Empowers children to make healthy choices
  • Puts parents and children on the same team and reduces power struggles
  • Reduces defensiveness, shame, and blame
  • Encourages cooperation, empathy, and trust
  • Focuses children and adults on effective problem-solving
  • Transforms common mishaps into opportunities to improve the situation and learn important emotional and behavioral tools

The eight Crabbies have a few things in common: they want to put us in a bad mood, leave us feeling frustrated, and throw our whole day off course. By learning to "Beat the Crabbies!" children learn to recognize their feelings, manage their moods, and remain in charge of their attitudes and behaviors. And by supporting, encouraging, and working with them to beat the Crabbies, parents help them build self-esteem, independence, and a foundation of emotional and social problem-solving skills that will serve them well as they encounter challenges later in life. 

CrabbieMasters started as a program used in Becky's preschool. Over the years, we have received feedback from parents, teachers, psychologists, and kids themselves about CrabbieMasters and beating the Crabbies having a positive impact on their lives. We have found that sharing CrabbieMasters in book form is the most effective way to bring them to children. Parents who field-tested the books routinely began to notice improvements in what had been regular parenting hurdles. We hope that you will find similar success and that through these books you and your children will “Power-Up” and “Make it a Good Day!”

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