Happy Spring!!

CrabbieMasters is now a book series!

Hey everyone!

For decades, we've been sharing CrabbieMasters with children and families throughout several communities via our website. During that time, we've explored different ways for parents and caregivers to learn how to use CrabbieMasters with their children. We have found books to be the most effective way to model the fun and benefits of learning to “Beat the Crabbies!” After several years of development, we're excited to finally announce the launch of our CrabbieMasters book series!

We worked with the talented Erik Lervold, who created illustrations to go along with our words, and Carol Thompson, who edited the books. The series consists of 12 books - four books to help your kids understand and get excited about the CrabbieMasters universe, plus eight more books, each highlighting one of the eight Crabbies.

We've seen the CrabbieMasters work for so many kids over the years, and are excited to share these new resources to help your children learn good habits, attitudes, and behaviors, and have fun doing it! We know it can make a difference in your and your children's lives.

If you enjoy the books, please share them with others: parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, friends, social workers, homeschool parents, baby sitters, therapists, daycare providers, camp counselors, nannies, pet lizards or everyone else you think might want to use the fun of CrabbieMasters in their lives with children! ☺ 

It’s time for the CrabbieMaster Crack Down!
Let’s make every day a great day!