Happy Spring!!

CrabbieMaster Kids Develop Positive Habits

CrabbieMasters is imaginary fun that leads to real results. The imaginary Crabbie characters help children tune into their actual needs and help them understand how to interact with the real outside world in order to get those needs met.

Generally, when a child beats a Crabbie, they are developing positive habits that help them manage the typical ups and downs of the day. These positive habits contribute to their overall wellbeing and feeling of self-worth. Though there are multiple ‘real results’ that come from beating each of the eight Crabbies, I have highlighted below the main positive result for each Crabbie.

Ultimately, the fun associated with adults and children working together to beat the Crabbies results in adults and children identifying what needs to be done in order to maximize individual happiness and family harmony.

(Imaginary Fun Real Results chart can be downloaded at cm.team/downloadables)