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Life-Changing Books
For Kids
(and Parents!)


Eliminate Daily Struggles!

Are you looking to help your child improve their attitudes, behaviors, and emotions?

Do you want to strengthen the relationship you have with your child and remove some of the everyday hurdles that come with parenting?

Does your child (or do you) ever have those 'crabby moments' that threaten to ruin what could be a perfectly good day?

Our Beat The Crabbies book series is here to help!

Through four decades of parenting and teaching young children, we have found that it is valuable and effective to make a subtle shift in how we think about 'crabbieness.' Rather than getting upset with our child and saying, "Boy, you sure are crabby today,” externalizing the problem onto our eight fictional characters, “The Crabbies, helps children solve problems in a fun, creative, and supportive way.

Our books empower children to make choices that improve mood and behavior.

These picture and rhyme books will be life-changing for both your kids and you!


Pick What Fits Your Child's Specific Needs

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Be On The Same Team

CrabbieMasters books put parents and kids on the same team. Together, you work with your child to "Beat The Crabbies." The books do all the teaching you need!

Reduce Blame & Shame

Children are less defensive and argumentative when they aren't blamed for how they feel or what they are experiencing. They learn to become their own problem solvers when the issue is externalized. This makes 'The Crabbies' the problem instead of the child.

Set For Life

Bad moods or being frustrated doesn't go away with age. These books help kids have the foundational tools that they need to conquer tough days even when they outgrow the books!


Your child will begin to understand that their behaviors are often the result of choices they have the power to make differently or from lacking basic needs they can easily talk with you about.


The Kids Just...
Get It!

Sure, the CrabbieMasters book series has received rave reviews from parents, teachers and psychologists because it is built around proven techniques such as social-emotional learning and self-regulation.. but the very best part is that the kids just GET IT!

We can't tell you how many times we have heard parents say to us, "All I did was read them the books and they started teaching ME about the Crabbies!"

Our books use simple, colorful illustrations and easy-to-remember rhymes that children attach to while learning about the eight most common Crabbies that effect their moods and how to control them.

You might be thinking, "What's the big deal? How is this game-changing? Don't we already know that being hungry or tired make us crabby!?"

In addition to simply helping children identify why they are crabby, the CrabbieMasters are also about both prevention and response. Our books help kids prevent negative patterns in their behaviors by learning to fulfill their needs before they become a problem. The books also change the way kids communicate their feelings and how they deal with something after it becomes a problem, all while enjoying it!

That's why we like to say, "Imaginary Fun. Real Results."


Start With The Worst "Crabbie", Too-Tired!

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We recommend Here Comes Too Tired as a great starter book. It should come as no surprise to parents that we call Too-Tired "the Worst Crabbie In The Universe!"

Book Description:
Have you ever noticed that when your child is too tired, he or she is much more likely to be in a bad mood, cry, or even throw a fit over the littlest things? Some parents remark that their child is almost like a different person when overly tired. Here Comes Too-Tired focuses on one simple fact: if you are tired, you miss out on fun. CrabbieMasters know that sleeping and resting don't mean we miss out on fun; they are actually Power-Ups that will give us more energy to have more fun!

Stretch and yawn. Too-Tired is hoping to make Jay and Kay overly tired today and every day. If he’s successful, Jay and Kay won’t have any energy to do the things they want to do. They must beat Too-Tired if they want to have fun.

Still Not Convinced?!


Though I didn't realize it at the time,
the "Crabbies" taught me how to
respect myself and control my own
emotions, and then they taught me to
treat other people with that same

- Samantha, former pre-schooler

Though the CrabbieMasters our
children are better able to identify
their feelings and how they can make
positive changes to improve their
moods. Because they are in control of
their moods, this program has also
enabled them to get excited to learn
and focus.

- Jim & Colleen, parents

My elementary age kids, who went
through this program as preschoolers,
still refer to Beating the Crabbies! I
am so grateful for the important life
skills in self-regulation and teamwork
they have learned through the

- Ginnie, mother


Buy Our Whole Collection (Save BIG!)

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Order our entire book set at a drastically reduced rate! You can have all 12 books covering all the key principles of the CrabbieMasters program for less than $100.

This comprehensive twelve-book package offers a complete introduction to and overview of the CrabbieMasters and their world, and goes in depth on each of the Crabbies and the challenges they represent. Learn how you and your child can work together to become CrabbieMasters!

  • Books included:
    Here Comes Too-Tired
    Here Comes Hungry
    Here Comes Junk-Food
    Here Comes Achy
    Here Comes Can't-Do
    Here Comes Get-Along
    Here Comes Hurry-Up
    Here Comes KING
    Here Come the Crabbies
    Here Come the CrabbieMasters
    Before I Was a CrabbieMaster - Jay's Story
  • Before I Was a CrabbieMaster - Kay's Story